A Conversation with Christian Bason, CEO of the Danish Design Centre

Christian Bason, CEO of the Danish Design Centre. Throughout his carrier, he has become a leading international authority on design, innovation and leadership in business and government. Photo: Agnete Schlichtkrull

Cities and urban areas are increasingly finding themselves on the frontlines of the global climate crises. But how can design as an approach to systemic citizen engagement and business innovation contribute to the transformation of our cities so they can become greener, more thriving and sustainable?

The goal is to create cities where businesses and people work together to make the most of common resources. …

A longtime Dane in the animated world, producer Claus Toksvig Kjaer tells Denmark In New York about his role in the co-production of the feature film Calamity Jane.

Claus Toksvig Kjaer has co-produced Calamity Jane in 2020
Claus Toksvig Kjaer has co-produced Calamity Jane in 2020
Claus Toksvig Kjaer has co-produced the feature film Calamity Jane in 2020 which is part of the New York International Children’s Film Festival 2021.

When it comes to animation, it does not get any bigger than Claus Toksvig Kjaer. Since his graduation at The Animation Workshop in Viborg, Denmark, he worked on a number of short films before his international breakthrough joining the acclaimed Irish animation studio Cartoon Saloon in 2006. Returning to Denmark in 2009, Kjaer began to lead a series of animated science projects, and in 2013, he started to focus more on animated feature films as he partnered up with Noerlum Animation Studio in Viborg, where he is the CEO to this day.

Denmark in New York reached out to Kjaer…

Denmark In New York’s UN Procurement Team Talks Sustainability, ICT, and Leading the First Virtual UN Procurement Seminar

On January 25th and 26th, 2021, Denmark In New York’s United Nations Procurement team will help lead the 6th Nordic UN Procurement Seminar, where Nordic companies can engage directly with UN procurement officers and suppliers and a procurement market valued at almost $20 billion USD. The two-day seminar will gather more than 230 Nordic companies, 15 UN Agencies and over 500 participants to promote their solutions and conduct business with the United Nations.

It is the first time that Denmark In New York, in partnership with its Nordic partners and the United Nations, organizes a virtual procurement seminar, due to…

The Copenhagen-based design company excels in its expressions of simplicity through color and form. And its creations are now winning praise across the US.

Bo Raahauge and Nicholai Wiig-Hansen founded Danish design firm Raawii in 2017.

Founded in 2017 by Bo Raahauge and Nicholai Wiig-Hansen, the Danish design firm Raawii has quickly established itself as a leading exponent of dynamic life design, creating well-proportioned products, producing with respect for people and society, and providing optimal conditions for the designers, artists and collaborators. And throughout its various expressions, Raawii continues to give voice to a timeless design with refined, interesting proportions and colours.

“We enjoy working with like-minded spirits — people who are passionate about their work,” Bo Raahauge and Nicholai Wiig-Hansen explain on the Raawii website. “Our goal is to facilitate quality. …

Consul General Berit Basse on Denmark In New York’s vision for a hopeful new year

Dear Friends of Denmark In New York:

To say that 2020 was a challenging year would be a gross understatement. I still vividly remember the days last March when the world came to a standstill amid a devastating fear for the present and a creeping concern for the future. Now, nearly a year since the COVID pandemic first began, we can all say that we walk towards a more serene tomorrow on sturdier legs and with sounder minds. The challenges of 2020 may still be there in the background, but we can say with more assuredness that a rosier tomorrow lies ahead.

But while 2020 was a…

Denmark’s Virginia Woolf is renowned as ‘a pioneer in the field of genre-bending confessional writing’. Now, a new translation of her masterpiece is slated to hit US bookshelves.

Born in a working-class neighborhood in Copenhagen in 1917, Tove Ditlevsen’s life story is one of both existential turbulence and unique artistic expression. She achieved initial fame for her poetry while still a teenager and progressed to novels, stories and memoirs before committing suicide in 1976. Nevertheless, her success was frequently diminished during her lifetime by a critical establishment who dismissed her as “a working-class, female writer.”

Today, however, Ditlevsen is having the rebirth that she has long deserved and is being championed as one of Denmark’s most important modern authors of the twentieth-century. On January 26th, Ditlevsen’s masterpiece The…

A longtime Dane in New York, Helena Christensen has been a fashion icon for decades. Now, she’s using her brand to promote charitable causes.

When it comes to fashion, it does not get any bigger than Helena Christensen. Since her breakthrough as a household name in the 1990s, the Danish supermodel has worked with the biggest names in the industry. She’s graced the front cover of Vogue and starred in one of the most captivating music videos of all time. In 1999, Christensen took it one step further, co-founding NYLON magazine and then stepping behind the lens as a photographer. Today she is also an entrepreneur, running the fashion brand Stærk&Christensen with her business partner, Camilla Stærk. What’s the secret at the core of…

The Consulate General of Denmark In New York and the School of Architecture and Design at New York Institute of Technology are thrilled to announce a new partnership aimed at fostering deeper conversation and understanding about the role of cities and urban centers in determining the future of our planet and our climate. Under the banner Future Of Cities, the new partnership will promote stimulating debates and fascinating insights on sustainable design, urban regeneration, and best practices in cities from the leading international minds in architecture, design and urban planning.

“Our cities occupy a critical space on the frontlines of…

New York is a city of vertiginous skyscrapers best seen from above. For Danish helicopter pilot Braveen Mahendran, that’s all in a day’s work.

When he was in high school, Braveen Mahendran spent his spare time flipping burgers at the local burger joint in his hometown of Viborg, Denmark. While many of his friends had no idea which direction their lives and careers would go in, Braveen was focused. He had only one goal: save his hard-earned money to attend flight school in Florida.

Fast forward to 2020 and Braveen now regularly hovers over the world’s most famous skyline, shuttling tourists and private customers to and fro in his helicopter. …

Author. Musician. Actor. Documentarian. The Danish Renaissance Man Kristian Leth calls Brooklyn his home and he wouldn’t have it any other way.

Among the neat rows of characteristic brownstones and quiet tree-lined streets in Brooklyn’s Park Slope, there is a Danish household: Kristian Leth, his wife Tea Lindeburg and their three kids moved to New York City over half a decade ago, settling in the genteel neighborhood and making it their home. Today, Park Slope is where Tea refines her work on her upcoming Netflix series Equinox and Kristian composes the series’ soundtrack. The Brooklyn neighborhood is, after all, a creative’s dream-space: leafy, inhabited by writers (Paul Auster), actors (Maggie Gyllenhaal) and a coterie of journalists, academics, and progressive thinkers.

But Kristian…

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