America by Design in Denmark: Exploring LEGO, Creativity and Transforming the World

Most people in America love LEGO. However, few people know that the beloved brick comes from Denmark. The Danish approach to creativity and learning through play is a cultural virtue that starts in the early childhood and ultimately impacts the very design of cities and transportations systems in urban places. That is why LEGO House in Billund, Denmark is designed to foster multiple competencies for critical thinking and creativity.

With these values in mind, The Lego Foundation works to foster creative learning all over the world. According to the Foundation, “There is a growing consensus that creativity can benefit children themselves, as well as their communities, societies, and economies at large.” The Foundation also believes that for today’s children, creativity is a critical skill and mindset, one that is personally meaningful and that all children can develop and practice through play. This is why creativity matters for all children, parents, employers, economies, and countries.

Developing countries are experiencing different challenges in achieving quality learning and academic results, which is why The LEGO Foundation’s Focus Geographies programme is working to foster education through play in developing countries like Mexico, South Africa and the Ukraine. The creative thinking that children can develop through play is vital and can support them in everyday challenges as adults. Such education contributes to their adulthood and communities, as they work to address the world’s social, economic, and political issues.

Taking a holistic and human-centred approach to design, LEGO sees creativity as the iterative process of connecting, exploring, and transforming the world in both new and meaningful ways. America By Design recognizes how the Danish approach to playful learning can inspire urban development and sustainable cities all around the world. The TV Show celebrates innovation, ingenuity, and design excellence, featuring game-changing ideas and stories behind the great innovations that affect the way we live our lives. Be sure to tune in at 7PM EDT July 10th to watch America By Design in Denmark on CBS.

America By Design behind the scenes. Photo: Garette Johnson

Garette Johnson is the Commercial Advisor-Design at Denmark In New York

Katrine Nørholm Jensen is the Strategic Communications and Press intern at Denmark In New York




The Official Medium Blog for the Consulate General of Denmark in New York. For all things Danish, #DenmarkInNY.

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Denmark in New York

Denmark in New York

The Official Medium Blog for the Consulate General of Denmark in New York. For all things Danish, #DenmarkInNY.

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