KnowledgeCotton Apparel: Bringing Sustainability to the Fashion World

An Interview with CEO and Founder Mads Mørup

You need to accept the fact that you’re operating in an industry that knows very little about sustainability, or even worse — that ignores sustainability in favor of profits.

Today, overproduction pushes overconsumption. But as consumers we of course have the possibility, and the responsibility, to vote for the kind of world we want by the way we spend our money. Consumption is a good tool for expressing our beliefs — to support sustainable companies, and to boycott companies that are not willing to make sacrifices for a better tomorrow.

We place high demands on our partners in terms of fair working conditions, organically approved fabrics, use of chemicals, and traceable processes. Therefore, we choose our collaborations very carefully based on who we consider the most qualified to work with.

Working with certifications has always been a big part of our traceability and integrity strategy. To us, it is a matter of credibility. Having the right certificates shows that we are a company that is serious about sustainability and determined to make a difference.



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