Consulate General of Denmark in New York and School of Architecture and Design at New York Institute of Technology Launch Future of Cities Partnership

The Consulate General of Denmark In New York and the School of Architecture and Design at New York Institute of Technology are thrilled to announce a new partnership aimed at fostering deeper conversation and understanding about the role of cities and urban centers in determining the future of our planet and our climate. Under the banner Future Of Cities, the new partnership will promote stimulating debates and fascinating insights on sustainable design, urban regeneration, and best practices in cities from the leading international minds in architecture, design and urban planning.

“Our cities occupy a critical space on the frontlines of the climate crisis,” explained Ambassador Berit Basse, Consul General of Denmark in New York. “By 2050, the majority of the world population will be urban dwelling, meaning that the time for us to act in making our cities more sustainable, more equitable, more inclusive, and greener is now.”

“We are excited to enter into this important partnership with such an illustrious institution representing New York City’s academic and creative excellence,” Ambassador Basse continued. “And we look forward to the insightful conversations that New York, as a global city, inspires, particularly as we curate key exchanges between climate-forward thinkers, public sector actors, and private sector innovators in order to put the spotlight on sustainable urban solutions.”

“Practice and education are facing a critical turning point, and this momentum offers an important opportunity to build collaborative synergies and enact unavoidable actions to frame sustainable strategies and tangible interventions for the reimagination of our cities, for social inclusion, and urban and environmental resilience while contributing to achieving climate goals and building a more human, diverse and healthier society,” said Maria R. Perbellini, AIA, OAI, Dean of the School of Architecture and Design.

“We are thrilled to join the Consulate General of Denmark in a series of initiatives and events promoting vibrant conversations on the relevant issues we are all facing. Cities like Copenhagen and New York share major climate ambitions and have evolving agendas addressing energy-efficient priorities at multiple scales. This prestigious partnership will be a catalyst for thoughtful dialogue on the role of innovation and technology advances in urban regeneration of spaces, renovation of the existing built environment, economic recovery measures and on the urgency of ecologically integrated design solutions.”

Andrew Zaganelli Giacalone is the Head of Strategic Communications and Press at the Consulate General of Denmark in New York.

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