In New York, Denmark’s Role as Global Leader in Clinical Trials Takes Center Stage

For years, Denmark has built upon its strong reputation within the dermatological sector, vaunting unparalleled capabilities in the area of clinical trials. The Danish government has responded in kind, increasing its focus and investments within clinical trials to make Denmark an even more attractive venue for the world’s leading medical researchers. New York, a global capital for biotech and pharmaceutical firms, is now on the frontline as efforts to attract investment in Denmark are being ramped up.

“It’s an area where we have long been a global leader and we’re certainly keen on expanding our visibility within the American pharmaceutical and dermatological sectors,” Jannik Grodt Schmidt, Special Advisor for Life Sciences, Invest in Denmark, at the Consulate General of Denmark in New York, explained.

“For this very reason the Consulate has applied considerable energy in promoting Denmark to American companies as a location for clinical research through symposia, lectures and luncheons.”

On October 16th, titans of the American pharmaceutical industry including Pfizer, Bristol-Myers Squibb, GSK, AbbVie, Johnson & Johnson and a number of biotech companies such as Celgene and Regeneron, converged on the Residence of Denmark in downtown Manhattan as Consul General Anne Dorte Riggelsen opened an in-depth discussion on Denmark as clinical trial destination and introduced presentations by NEXT’s Britta Smedegaard Andersen and Dr. Simon Francis Thomsen.

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“The event itself was extremely successful,” Mr. Grodt Schmidt continued. “Of the 14 companies attending, at least 7 are interested in exploring using Denmark for clinical research, and we’re planning follow-up meetings in the coming weeks.”

According to numerous studies, Denmark has the largest commercial drug development pipeline in Europe, is ranked the best country in Europe for development of biotechnology; is one of the most R&D intensive countries in the world; and the best in Europe regarding researcher concentration.

“It’s an amazing that Denmark is proactive in attracting clinical studies and life sciences to Denmark,” remarked Lars Hansen, Group Medical Director, at Bristol-Myers Squibb during the event at the Residence. “Denmark has a proud tradition in science and medicine.”

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