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The new POISE concept from Engelbrechts will have its US debut in NY.

Danish design firm Engelbrechts set for US launch of new POISE shelving system

revolutionary new design concept bridging Danish architectural elegance and Nordic simplicity will make its US debut at the 2017 International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) in New York later this month as the Copenhagen-based design firm Engelbrechts launches its POISE shelving system into the US market.

“The new POISE is designed with an eye for functionality and with great craftsmanship,” Peter M. Vedel, CEO at Engelbrechts explained. “We see ICFF as a stepping stone to showing who Engelbrechts are and what solutions we can offer as a brand.”

The idea of finding a solution to increasingly cramped and complicated interior spaces is precisely the trigger which inspired the creation of POISE as a “freestanding and adaptable” unit that can function both as a shelving system and as a room divider, according to Anders Hermansen, Engelbrechts’ acclaimed Industrial Designer.

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The POISE and world renowned KEVI chair.

“POISE engages in its surroundings without craving too much attention,” Hermansen noted. “You can compose the unit to match the room, no matter the size and length and it functions not only as a shelving system but also as a room divider.”

Hermansen, whose designs have informed the aesthetics of numerous high-end firms including Bang & Olufsen and Louis Poulsen, added that POISE’s uniqueness lies not only in its ability to “sustain a pleasant atmosphere” but also in its simple functionality.

“The system is based on T-shaped elements,” he concluded, “which makes it easy to compose multiple variations and endless possibilities.”

Established in 1989, Engelbrechts was originally founded as an import company. But the development of the CHAIRIK chair by Danish designer Erik Magnussen in 1996 marked the company’s full-fledged transformation into a self-manufacturing furniture company aimed at designing and marketing top-of-the-line furniture for quality-conscious consumers.

Although the company has since gained significant international recognition with renowned office items such as the KEVI chair, Vedel expressed high hopes for the POISE modular shelving system’s arrival at the ICFF, which runs from May 21st to May 24th in New York.

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“The new POISE is designed with an eye for functionality and with great craftsmanship,” says Engelbrechts’ CEO Peter M. Vedel.

“We are a Danish design company with high-end products,” he continued. “The US is an interesting market and we believe there is a good match for our design. There are many exciting projects in the US and it is a journey we would like to be part of.”

Tina Pilgaard, Deputy Head of Trade for the Royal Danish Consulate General in New York, agreed.

“With the growing demand in the market for getting both simplicity and functionality without losing the design element or the quality, Engelbrechts’ launch at ICFF comes at the perfect time,” she confirmed. “Above all, POISE presents a fresh, new take on a product that every architect would love to incorporate as a functional design piece in their projects.”

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